Jen Hutton is a project manager, learning designer, and educator. She specializes in online learning and digital content development in the arts.

Jen Hutton is an artist and writer. Her essays and critical reviews have appeared in C Magazine and Artforum, among others.

Currently, she is the Project Director of Online Education and Research at CalArts, where she directs their Open Learning initiative.

Currently, she is practicing the narrative non-fiction form on Yelp, and playing drums for Picky Bunches.

Resumé Work Portfolio

Artist CV A tomb in reverse What I Was Seeing Friendship Station The Liquid Paintings Letters from an Occupant Idol, Idle, Little Idyll Annotations for the Surplus Portfolio Welcome to the Office of Unspecified Services The Silurian Proxy Untitled (Artspeak?) “Even if I could draw a map for you I wouldn’t.” The Most She Weighed, The Least She Weighed